Saturday, July 26, 2014

stop motion (to show how rope unravels)

I have entered the realm of stop motion animation! After a rare critique in 2012, I showed artist Brad Biancardi my rope drawings and he suggested I utilize my photography and drawing skills to make some video work. Pretty good idea.

I immediately thought about creating a stop motion video of my drawings to highlight the drawing process. While I hate showing works in progress, here’s a snippet of an 8 minute (yes, eight minute!) video I am making. I also wrote a script for the piece. The full video is tentatively titled, “Undrawn” and I plan to finish it by late fall (probably earlier.)

In graduate school, I worked with photography AND cinema students, so many of my artist friends are filmmakers. I always marveled at my friend’s work, especially their stop motion animation pieces. Check out my friend Aygul’s work and Kate’s work. I really admire Aygul and Kate. I expect big things to come from them.

I also decided to check out what the Internetz has to say about stop motion and found this.

If short on time, I recommend the chess stop motion video (very good), Human Tetris (a crowd pleasure but obviously took a lot of coordination), and Sia’s Breathe Me video.

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