Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The c (re)(ur)ator in me

The creator in me

Life changes and other things

I quit my job as a gallery director at a university and decided it was time to pursue life as a full time artist. There were many reasons for this decision but one idea always stuck with me.

A friend (and former artist/academic) once told me, “Medical students learn how to practice medicine in school to become doctors. Law students learn how to practice law so they may become lawyers. Art students (pursuing graduate degrees) learn how to make art so they may become professors-professors who teach an unbearable amount of classes at subpar colleges in the middle of nowhere. And, in the end, they never/rarely make their art.

Few artists, after school in the “real world,” possess jobs that facilitate a balance between maintaining creative practice and making enough money to pay the bills.

The lack of paid work for artists is a whole different series of posts. Some have managed it. I spent a portion of my former career advocating for artists so they could make a living on their creativity.

For my part, I am fortunate to make the change to full time artist. Now work has a new meaning because I will be hustling, but not for other people and other organizations. Instead, I will be working harder than ever before on my own creative work.

This is my blog about art. I will write about my art and also, my curatorial work. I loved curating exhibitions and want to continue to do so, in some capacity, even if just online. And I plan to write about the art world in general, along with my attempts to make it in this art world as a creator.

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