Thursday, September 4, 2014

35 mm

The bad news is I found out the local photography supply store is closing. The good news is I bought a bunch of film at 40 percent off. I’m excited to try Porta 160 in particular for my Without Man project. I don’t really shoot 35 mm film, at least I haven’t done so in a while. I consider myself a large format photographer and usually shoot with 4 x 5 sheet film. So right now I’m looking at contemporary 35 mm photographerswho create impressive work. Suggestions are welcome. I’m not going to lie the Internet has very little to offer it seems. Everyone is making shows about selfies and images made with smart phones. Where’s the 35 mm themed exhibits? The camera is largely associated with street photography, but I think there are other ways to shoot with 35 mm. Most students still learn on 35 mm cameras in formal photo classes. Does it become passé after school? 

Open Field © Alison Erazmus

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