Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year, New Things

It’s been some time since I posted so I’ll start by stating “Happy New Year” and excuse myself for the long hiatus by blaming the holidays. This isn’t to say I haven’t been busy as an artist. I traveled to Chicago and St. Louis and saw great art on those trips. I also had the good fortune to be accepted for a few solo exhibitions: one in Paducah Kentucky this spring and most recently I found out the Asheville Darkroom’s Silverspace Gallery will feature my Wanderlust project next fall. It seems that even a few months of full time work on my art has paid off in dividends.

Finally, the last good news is that I will attend my first artist residency at the Osage Arts Community outside of Belle Missouri! I am especially grateful to be able to go to this residency. After talking to the director, he is keenly aware of what it means to support artists so they can make art. It sounds like he has built an incredible place for practicing artists. I will be writing while I'm there so expect to read more about the experience.

Given the business of the holidays I know I have a lot of catching up to do to prepare for the residency (I’ll be there in February). From here on out, I will do my best to honor my weekends and not spend it on tasks except those that put me in a good place for the work I wish to accomplish. A part of getting to a good place for work meant purging stuff (junk/crap/old papers) from 2014 and earlier that took up space in my studio (and mind). I had a bonfire on the winter solstice and it felt pretty good to burn items that had no use or place in my life anymore.

After the bonfire, I read some highlights from MacArther Genius grant recipient Teresita Fernandez’s commencement speech and I appreciated the list where she wrote, “destroying is intimately connected to creating.” Fernandez talks about being an artist in a more intellectual and compelling way than I can, so I will give the link to the speech’s highlights and leave it here. 

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