Monday, March 5, 2018

nature in shelton

Right now I am interested in how humans are connected and yet disconnected from an outside nature, a nature that we feel we need to explore, conquer, admire, or kill. How do we sanitize or corrupt the wild parts on our earth? Is it possible to coexist? Is it possible to re-wild? Are we really going to destroy this beautiful place? All these thoughts came to me when I first saw the mural at the laundromat. It is a really nice mural, especially for a laundromat. The people in the region are genuinely excited about seeing Orcas. Except the Sound's pollution makes it difficult for marine life to thrive. The pollution is caused by us, our industry on the water, and the growing amount of people living on the water. It's utterly depressing. But I'm still hopeful we can stop trashing our beautiful earth. 

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