Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 11 & 12

Yesterday and today, I felt like I returned to the world, surfaced for some air. Yesterday, after photographing again in the cold, I had the pleasure of watching the Oscars with other folks at the OAC. Today we went into town to the art center to measure the space to make a floor plan for our video exhibit next summer. I realize I haven’t left the property since my arrival and my return home is looming. Now I feel like I’m running out of time.

I’m not terribly worried about it but I will have to think about how to keep up my artistic practice once I return to regular life. Mark, the OAC director, said that most artists don’t know how to manage an art/work/life balance after their first stay at a residency. I know for sure that I want to attend another residency after my experience here. But I also want to go home. All of my clothes are covered in mud or who knows what else. The hiking and photographing outside in the cold is exhausting. I’m glad I pushed myself, but I can’t say I’ve treated the residency like a relaxing vacation. It is still a cathartic and fulfilling experience. I need to make 4 photographs in 2 days. That is on my mind.

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