Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day 9 & 10 at the OAC

Yesterday I forgot to write for the blog but for good reason. Tony, a member of the OAC board, arrived and prepared dinner for us last night. Now that he is here, and because we are sharing a kitchen, Tony has already cooked today’s breakfast, lunch, and will prepare another dinner tonight. It certainly makes things much more pleasant when the house smells of good homemade food and I get to eat more savory dishes instead of the depressing meals I throw together.

I worked outside for most of the day yesterday and today. Yesterday, I put together the ‘bouquet’ installation and photographed it.

Today was wonderful with it being 40 degrees. I took a few test shots around the property and worked in another creek bed where I painted with mud. Touching the soil felt wonderful-a much better experience than handling snow. At the end of the day, it became a little misty-a good thing for photographs. So I’m pretty pleased all in all.

and murphy is in the frame

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