Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Last day at the OAC

Today was my last full day at the OAC. I look forward to returning to the OAC, which will be the summer of 2016 or perhaps sooner.

Today’s temperature and sunshine gave me ample opportunity to go outside and shoot. I feel a bit sad that I am leaving now. With the warm weather, I can tell spring is just around the corner and the entire property will transform again.

I am glad to have spent most of February here. Working intensely on your art is a great way to pass the time during the dreary winter months.

And even with my initial frustration of having animals ‘on set,’ I will really miss the dogs, which came along with me on my photo shoots. I will especially miss my pal Murphy. I wish I could take him home with me, but I know I cannot give him so much freedom to run around and also, the cats would never forgive me.

Tomorrow I will drive back and then Friday, I return to the museum for work.  I look forward to planning my next residency.

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