Sunday, July 12, 2015

hello again

I decided that it was time for me to start applying for exhibitions again. I've been making work and even showing work the last few months, but not applying for new exhibitions at all. Today, I looked online, on the usual site where I find postings, and found one exhibition that I will likely apply for.... only one.

For the first time, I am restraining myself from anxiously jotting down deadlines and applying for anything I can find on the listserv that might remotely connect to my work. Why? Because I know what I need: time to produce more work, access to quality facilities, and money wouldn't be bad either. So, I am finding the applying for exhibitions, well, tedious.

It could be that I am enduring a recent bout of jealously of other artists. They (and it really doesn't matter who) won some fancy-fance artist prize. They live in the hipster part of New York so of course they'll get into the residency I applied for.

Ick. I hate jealousy. But I feel it. Especially as a curator, I know them feels.

Time to start looking for a studio space/space to build my own darkroom. I can take care of the 'needing access to quality (or I'll even take crappy) facilities' part. I have been sitting on my butt for too long in getting going. Any recommendations about studio space hunting will be greatly appreciated.


a recent installation

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