Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Framing orders

In addition to photographing and printing pet portraits for clients, I am pleased to offer custom framing of those prints. I have years of experience working for art galleries and museums. The ability to produce custom, archival framing for works on paper is essential in any curator or arts admin gig. I quite like framing the pet portraits too. Even in the framing of the photos, you can be creative. My first client allowed me some time to work with this photograph of his cat Harley. I loved the result: an illustrated floral crown and a floral pattern on a mauve background. For this photo, I increased the saturation of the photograph, which turned Harley's fur magenta and blue. Side note: I love long haired black cats. My first cat, Gypsy, was a long haired black cat. With a cat like this, usually the fur is many shades of brown, reds, and then, when the kitty ages, some white and grey hairs. With the saturation increase, I think of this as a punk photo of Harley. And so the frame needed to be colorful too. I picked a dark blue/purple frame. The client encouraged me to do my 'art' thing, whatever looked good.

Below are photos of the framing process. The mat that came with the frame did not fit the dimensions of the print so I measured the mat board-acid free museum board- and cut a window mat. The mat protects the print from coming into contact the glass. I cleaned the glass and put that on the finished mat with the print sandwiched inside. And then I put everything into my purple frame. Below you see a custom framed, fine art print of the wonderful punk kitty Harley.

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