Saturday, September 23, 2017

Photo session with Manet

Every week, I am taking photographs of some pet, even if it's my own, to hone my skills at combining interior photography with pet photography. My approach uses natural light, the immediate environment of the pet, and then the subject within that environment. This past week's shoot was, in my opinion, rather successful. I had a lot of fun setting up a little mid-century furniture display and coaxing this handsome tuxedo cat named Manet into the scene. The furniture pieces include a mid century rocking chair with bamboo and a wonderful floral pattern, my grandparent's giant lamp, some books, and a green ceramic deer I purchased at an antique fair when I lived in New Harmony, Indiana. I then added a painting I purchased from an art student (I cannot remember her name at all) but I really appreciated her work. She was a on a mission to make a painting a day and you can only get better with that kind of work ethic. I knew I needed colorful pieces to contrast the black and white fur of Mr. Manet.

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