Friday, November 17, 2017

Fall sessions and leaves changing

With the leaves changing this fall, it's a great time for an outdoor photo shoot. I had the opportunity to photograph my friends Jay and Katherine with their pug, Ichabod, just as the leaves started to change in southern Illinois last month. Below are shots from that session and also photographs I've taken of Tower Grove Park, the park in my neighborhood in St. Louis. Not being a city dweller until recently, I marvel at how this park looks and its function in the neighborhood. The beautiful trees, paths, and pavilions, built in the early 20th century, are treasures I've never directly experienced until now. I am currently training for an 8k run and having the park close by to run in has been a relief. Even while I do not particularly enjoy running, the opportunity to be in the park during the fall color transitions has made it more than worthwhile.

Now is the time to schedule an outdoor pet and family portrait session with me. These vibrant colors won't last long. Email me or go to my website to see more!

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