Monday, October 30, 2017

Photo shoot at an artist studio

This month, I've taken on a few more photo shoots. Just a reminder that through December 1, I am offering a 50 dollar discount for a one hour session taking pet portraits. In addition to pet portrait photography, an artist requested I document her art. Rachel Malcolm Ensor is an artist living and working in Murphysboro, Illinois. I loved that Malcolm purchased the home next to her house and turned it into a studio and art education space. Artists make good use of any space. I found the project to be exactly what I like: interior photography and working with artists.  Below are images I made the day of the shoot.

Rachel Malcolm Ensor's studio (exterior)

Rachel Malcolm Ensor's studio (interior)

Bright, colorful work on paper/painting by Rachel Malcolm Ensor

If you're an artist in St. Louis in need of good photographs of your work, for portfolios or exhibition submissions, contact me to schedule a shoot! I also photograph studio/work spaces that can easily go onto websites or other promotional materials.

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