Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 3 at the residency

We celebrated Valentine's day with a dinner (vegetarian chili) with other artists at the OAC. I spent time talking some more with Grace and Josh, the artists who hosted us. I also met a member of the community, Mimi, who supports the OAC. At dinner, someone asked us about missing friends. I have felt a few pangs of loneliness being here. I am surrounded by other artists and art supporters and in that way, I am very much in my comfort zone. But, I realize now that I created a home centered around comfort, which is perfect to come to after a long day at work, but I haven't given myself an entirely separate space to make a mess and get lost in my creative thoughts. Here at the OAC, you cannot live stream anything, so watching my television shows or movies is not an option to unwind (or for distraction). After feeling a little sorry for myself, I decided I may as well work because that's what I came here to do. During the days, after I've checked my Facebook page for the 7th time, I finally just sit and think about my projects, where I'm going to photograph, and what kind of materials I plan to use. It took me a few days living in the Ozarks with no good internet to get to this point.

During the day of the 14th, I went on tour number two with Mark. He showed me the creek beds and the photos of that trip are below. I also collected some materials to work inside so you can see what my studio looks like.

Grass in a lamp shade

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