Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 4 at the OAC

I decided to be at the residency on my day of birth (February 15) and I was not sure if I would enjoy it or feel sad to be without friends or family. It was a little challenging today, with some emotional moments, but I realize it is a gift to be able to make art right now at OAC. Today I visited one of the creek beds again but this time I came with film cameras including my favorite speed graphic camera. It was colder outside today. I definitely had to push myself to stay out for over 2 hours and for a short time I lost feeling in my toes.

I found some experiments didn’t work out as well as I had hoped on the shoot. I figure that is the challenge of trying to create moments instead of colossal land monuments that defy wind and other elements. I am working on my own and I want my installations outside to have minimal impact. I prefer that the ‘sculpture’ disappear in a matter of hours or days or even moments.

I’m usually drained after photographing, especially outside in challenging weather. After I rested, I came up with more ideas for photographs, which is exciting to come up with ideas so quickly after the last shoot. I call these sketches for new photographs “itches that I have to scratch.”

Tonight and tomorrow, it is supposed to snow. I have one snow photograph planned but plenty of inside art making to do. Until then.

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