Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day 5 & 6

Yesterday felt like a wash, only because I didn’t photograph outside. It snowed, which was lovely to watch from inside.  After the snow, I went outside to make snowballs for an installation and found it a frustrating (and cold) experience. I remember as a kid being out in the snow all day and loving it. Now, snow is an art material I dislike working with.

Today I felt much better as I immediately went out to make pictures after getting ready in the morning. I photographed for 2 hours before my toes became too cold. I worked by the river, the Indian well, and (my now favorite spot) in one of the creek beds. Walking with the dogs in the snow provided some entertainment. Murphy likes to run ahead of me, then back to my side, then ahead of me again. Zeus is always the leader of the pack. He rubs against your leg like a cat. Millie kept putting her snout into the snow, then sneezing a little. And Aphrodite (the smallest one) inspects the perimeter of the trail. Murphy is by my side once I step out the door and remains with me while I’m working even as the other dogs become bored and leave. I’ve been instructed to tell him “working” in a stern voice so he doesn’t try to play, as he is wont to do.

Until next time.

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